Wednesday, August 8, 2007

The Need for Texas to Implement Income Taxes to Close the Wide Wealth Gap

In regards to my classmates blog, I had the following comments: Collins, I agree with your post in its entirety. Texas' wealth gap is one of its major problems; the rich keep getting richer and poor get poorer. It is unfortunate that the Texas government does not see that the poor contribute more percents of their income due to the current sales taxes. Texas definitely needs to implement income taxes in its policies. Hopefully by doing so, Texas will distribute its wealth better and we will not be one of the most poverty-stricken states in the nation anymore. Also, hopefully more funds will be raised from the increased funds received by taxing the rich more. Like you said, these increased funds can be allocated into education, a sector that definitely deserves more attention. Unfortunately, the rich Republicans are now the majority in Congress and consequently these changes will be difficult to meet, even though these are the preferred measures the public wishes were done.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Texas Government, Flawed in Many Ways

Texas government like many things in life possess flaws to be scrutinized. Unfortunately, my biased view of government is representative of a citizen of the state of Texas. I view government in general as corrupt and selfish. The majority of representatives are overcome with power and pursue interests only where they get benefit. Money of course is the root to all evil, very much so in politics. It seems like to even get someone in the political world to listen to you, you must cough out the paper first. Changes must be made; access to political representatives, state more than local, is extremely difficult. Easier access to those without abundant funds or numbers should definitely be granted so that public interests can better be heard.

When people give/contribute money to the government they expect a little something in return. However, the problem is that guarantee is not a word in the government's dictionary. At the end of the day the government would choose their own interests before public interest, even if you did donate large amounts towards their campaign or party. None of these problems is as severe, in my opinion, as the government refusing to accept fault when they do something wrong. Public opinion of the war has been personified in a negative light, yet the arrogance and ignorant government refuses to acknowledge the fault nor take any action to remove troops from dying for an unsuccessful cause. They refute and defend their original courses of action through nonsensical reasons for continuing war.

The Texas government must take action to abolish the wealth gap, as displayed in its regressive nature. If the Constitution highlights equality for all, why must poor get poorer and rich get richer. These characteristics of equality deviate much from those displayed in Texas' distribution of wealth. Of course these actions will be difficult to undertake, the rich people and government exchange favors allowing both to prosper while the common folk must be outside their bubble complaining about they cannot get what they get. Unfortunately this is the way it has been established here in Texas, and unless the lower and middle classes join together to demand change, sadly this is the way things will always be run.

Friday, July 27, 2007

NASA sending drunk astronauts into space?

The Houston Chronicle reported that NASA's astronauts have been heavily drinking on missions. This leads me to believe that the number of crashed in the past may not have been caused by malfunctions in the rockets, but in fact caused by drunk astronauts. All this came from extensive interviews of 14 current astronauts out the the total 93 qualified to fly. Strict measures were never taken prior, alcohol was readily available to astronauts with no rules.

The article mentions that NASA has previously looked the other way when it came to some astronaut's mannerisms before launch. Since NASA's press conference today at 11 A.M, certain restrictions were made to prevent such harmful acts. Astronauts sent into space must not consume alcohol at least 12 hours prior to launch. This will be monitored through strict regulation and test, according to NASA representatives.

At least NASA is going to take action for these intolerable acts. Our tax dollars pay for such missions and the reckless treatment of our tax money should definitely be monitored better not just for us, but for the U.S to develop in terms of space travel and exploration.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Care of Our Future Generation

As stated in the Austin American Statesmen, due to past cuts in money spent on children's health insurance, Texas legislative leaders are now in a quandary as to how much federal money Texas will be allowed to put into a new program that will add 120,000 children to a proposed health insurance plan. The issue is now being pushed and discussed in Washington. The new program will combine state and federal dollars to provide health insurance for children in families that might be considered poor or families that are in poverty but cannot qualify for Medicaid simply because they make too much money to do so. It is good to see the State addressing such topics, especially since Texas was not even spending all of its children's health insurance annual allotment. Insurance is very important for our youth to grow and become healthy adults, and Texas would benefit much from increasing spending on children's insurance.

The question on how much to increase spending was vaguely described in the article. Figures ranged from an additional $35 billion raised from the increased price in cigarettes, or President Bush's more meager proposal of $5 billion. However, the article concludes that no matter the figure, the finally passing of the program may have little effect in overall children's insurance spending if the Texas legislature refuses to input additional resources.